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Tips for FUT 17: a great team of chetados and cheap players to win in FIFA 17

The DwarfGamer youtuber has created a great team of chetados and cheap players in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team (or FUT 17) and has decided to share his tricks with other users. What is the common element in all these players? They are all of the Santander League.

In all these players chetados DwarfGamer has cost about 15,000 coins. Now, your video is from October 31, 2016 and it is possible that some of the prices have changed.

To check whether the equipazo of chetados has created is good or not good out of the theory, DwarfGamer plays various parties to delight and entertain.

Here you have your team in Futbin (at the time of the writing of this text that PS4 will verify total costs 14,000 coins).

If the system or chetado but cheap DwarfGamer team in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team has not convinced you of all, I remember that we have tips and tricks to get coins on FUT 17 . You can also use FIFA 17 Coin Generator Click here to take a look at our most powerful tricks.